vrijdag 10 mei 2019

Flat track seat

I found the seat on the world wide web for a good price but had to narrow the front a few cm. I'Ve rewired the electric system to test and she sparks. Also took the electric starter out.

zaterdag 27 april 2019

Xs500 flat tracker update

Today I had some time to work on the xs. Mounted the fuel tank after i wider the tunel. Made a 2into1 header pipe, relocated the footpeg / controls , cleaned up the frame. The alloy inlet manifolds for the Mikuni Tm carbs are allmost ready. I'm thinking of using the stock 18" rear wheel with Dunlop K180 tyre which I have laying around. 

zondag 21 april 2019

New flat track racer project

I was doubting for a while and last saturday I'Ve had it with trashing and scaring the Triumph with stupid coincidences . This year I will only ride the practices @helzold Heusden also because I have a different other things to do around our new house. In search of another bike which had to be vintage (pre77) ,2 cilinder , enough stock horse power and offcourse cheap 😀. I came across the yamaha xs500. Picked her up in germany as a non runner for 10years. The plan is to get it ready die next season.

Allready stripped

  After searching for information on the web I came across the beautiful builds byBreizh coast kustom. Mine is not gonna be as beautiful...  😁

zondag 14 april 2019

Flat track practice @ helzold speedway

13/4/2019 a great beatifull day with sunshine, rain ,cold even snow and offcourse a lot of friends. Riders Uwe and Patrick from Hombrese bikes and the house of braap.. 
The checkered flag team 😀
Me on the 1966 triumph 6t

                                                      Patrick on ktm 960 lc8
                                                      Uwe on ktm sx 450
Some cellphone pics of me

dinsdag 25 december 2018