zondag 13 juli 2014


Since the kawa is gone my girl can't ride along so I made a new seatpan. But it my not be necessary, You'll see why soon.

I did a little testride today but it didn't went smooth. First of all she started from the first kick after a km she started running on 1cilinder than 2 and again 1 and so... One sparkplug didn't sparked the other very light. Back home it seemed the brand new Champion plug caps failed. Put the old ones on and it sparked like lighting. New testride, little stop to lower the jetneedle, poor running another stop to higher the jetneedle (back like it was) and she didn't start anymore :-(. So I needed to walk. Lucky enough I wasn't far from the shop :-). At home I changed the jetneedle and blowed some air in the carb holes, adjusted the jetpilot screw and first kick she starts.....ready  for the next testride.

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